BLOG TOUR – Why Paper Avalanche by Lisa Williamson is such an important read

unnamed‘Bonnie. Never Mum or Mummy or Mother. Just Bonnie.’

When it comes to flying under the radar, Ro Snow is an expert.

No friends. 

No boys.

No parties.

And strictly NO VISITORS.

It may be lonely, but at least this way the truth remains where it should – hidden.

Then Tanvi Shah, the girl who almost died, comes tumbling back into her life, and Ro finds herself losing control of her carefully constructed lies.

But if Ro’s walls come crumbling down, who’s going to take care of Bonnie…”


*I was asked to review this book as part of the Paper Avalanche tour – this does not affect my rating*

Do you ever get it when you read a book but you know that your words in your review are never going to do it justice? How do I explain my love in a coherent way, capturing all the aspects that made me enjoy it so much? This is me with this book – I truly feel that there is no way to understand how important and fantastic this book is without reading it yourself.

I don’t want to give too much away but Paper Avalanche follows the story of Ro Snow, who is desperate to pass through school without anyone noticing her. However, with a Mum like Bonnie and a new school girl called Tanvi, this becomes a little difficult. It follows family relationships – something that is often forgotten in YA books – friendships and general life goals that plague everyone during their I-Don’t-Know-What-I-Want-To-Do-With-My-Life phase at school (this is still me many years after leaving school to be fair). I found this book incredibly relatable and loved reading it.

This book also covers an important topic that I have not seen covered in a fiction book before and that is hoarding. It is such a stigmatised disorder and I found it really interesting to read from Ro’s perspective to learn about the massive impact this can have on your life and how it shapes the way you make decisions consciously and subconsciously. I think it is dealt in a very sensitive way and is a very important book to read to gain an insight into a situation that is unique for any teenager to be living in.

I highly recommend this book and it has definitely edged it’s way as one of my favourite books I have read this year (probably one of my favourite YA books of all time). I think this is Lisa Williamson’s best book yet and I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next!

Marie x

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Why I loved My Heart Goes Bang by Keris Stainton! (Review)

40521258Ella, Lou, Issey, Liane and Paige are determined to make the most of this second year at uni. They want to have fun, but they want to focus on work. There’s no time for relationships. Except with each other. And even that’s not guaranteed. Ella and Lou have always been close, but there’s tension between Issey and Liane, and none of them even knows Paige all that well. 

But when Ella finds a magazine article with a list of men they should date before they’re 21 (someone who’s been on telly? Check; someone who’s got tattoos? Check;) they vow to complete the list before finishing university and set about it with a lot more enthusiasm than they do their studies … but will any of them end up with a full house? And when a secret from their first year comes out, it looks as if some of them might not be completing university, never mind the list …

MY HEART GOES BANG is about lectures, essays, hangovers, and flatmates; it’s about found families, finding yourself, and falling in love with people you never expected to fall in love with.

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My TBR for #YALCathon

my tbr for yalcathon.png

Hello everyone! This weekend (between Friday 3rd August at 5pm GMT to Sunday 5th August 11.59pm GMT), Hollie and Kate are holding a readathon with the aim to read as much as we can, particularly books which we have accumulated from YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention). Using the #YALCathon hashtag, you’ll be able to follow everyone’s progress on various social medias.

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Booktube in the New York Times!

booktube in the nyt.png

If you were anything like me, you would have logged onto Twitter a couple of days ago and noticed everyone sharing an article that the New York Times had written about the stars behind Booktube (click here to read the article). 

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August 2018 – New Motivation!


Hey everyone! It’s been a while! 

What with exams at the end of my university degree and graduation, I’ve been fairly busy over the last couple of months and have therefore neglected my blog a little bit (my blog is craving some TLC!). 

It was last weekend that I got the chance to go to YALC and it has given me the boost of motivation I really needed to get back into blogging and I am super excited to share what I have planned in the upcoming weeks. 

My plan is to post EVERYDAY in August, which I know is some people’s regular updating schedule, but I’m going to try really hard to stick to it, especially as I’m now working full time and don’t have as much spare time as I used to have. 

I’ve created this monthly spread in my bullet journal for August and I can’t wait to use this to plan and get organised so I make my blog something I’m super proud of.

Marie x

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Q&A with S.J. Lomas! #IndieAthon

sj lomas.png

It’s so important to read self-published/Indie authors all year round and support everyone in the book community, so even though #IndieAthon is officially over, it’s always great to receive more recommendations and discover new authors. Today. I’m lucky enough to be hosting a Q&A with S.J. Lomas, author of several books including Dream Girl, Kiss of Death and Dream Frequency. Now for the Q&A!

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