Books I Can’t Believe I Read – Top Ten Tuesday

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Hey everyone! Welcome to today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic – Books I Can’t Believe I Read. Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish tag, run by That Artsy Reader Girl – check out her blog to find out more information! Here are this weeks top 10 picks!


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This is honestly the WORST book I have ever read. Well actually, I never finished it (I got about 100 pages in and couldn’t physically finish it). The writing is terrible, the story doesn’t make sense and I didn’t even know what was happening. This book has a rating of 2.67 on Goodreads (the lowest rating I have ever seen on there). I wanted to think it was because everyone loved The Lovely Bones so much that this was a disappointment (hence the negative reviews) but nope. Just nope. I can’t believe I gave this book a chance, despite the negative reviews. What was I thinking?


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I never, ever thought I would read The Da Vinci Code. Not only is it super long, but it has a lot of religious undertones and normally I hate this. Yet for SOME reason, I still gave it a shot and I’m so glad I did. I read this very recently and can’t believe I have waited for so long. I loved this book, and the description and clues that were given were just incredible and so well thought out. I can’t believe I actually picked this up but I’m so glad I did.


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A book? About periods? Why would I want to read that?

I know. It’s such a specific topic to have a full length book out about but I thought it was very informative and raised some important points. I don’t know what made me pick up this book but I’m so glad I did.

Click here for my review!


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This book I have so many mixed feelings about. The actual premise of the book is fantastic – it covers issues such as friendships, relationships, abortions in Ireland and feminism. However, I found this book very problematic (e.g. an actual quote along the lines of – “Marc. Marc with a c. If you are going to choose a name after you come out as transgender, at least choose a masculine name like Mark with a k.”). I hated the main character A LOT and it’s very obvious that I was going to hate it just from the title – Like Other Girls. Throughout, there was a huge comparison between girls and pitting them against one another and eughh. I really didn’t like this book and based on the blurb, I really should have guessed this. Oh well.


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I guess the reason I read this was because it was written by Sasha Alsberg. However, I don’t normally like sci-fi or fantasy so I don’t know why I thought I would like this. Even if you put this aside, I thought it was very poorly written and I have no intention of picking up the full version of Zenith. I’ve heard very mixed reviews as well and should have just left this book alone.


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I picked this up, despite never reading a Rainbow Rowell book and having never seen Star Wars (I know – umm, why!?). I didn’t really like this (I wonder why Marie) as I didn’t get a lot of the references. BUT having seen Star Wars since reading this (and am now a fan), I think I might try and reread this to see if I have a more favourable impression now I’ll get the references.


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I really hated this book. Like, a lot. I hated how moany is was about everything. It was also super repetitive and focused a lot on the number of coffees she drank, how much she weighed and the number of cigarettes she smoked (Ummm, why such a huge focus?!). I wanted to read this before I watched the film but I don’t know whether I’ll watch it based on the book. Your thoughts?


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I really don’t know why I read this. I think I fancied a quick read and this was the only thing I had at hand. It was interesting to read about, especially as I’m interested in history and politics. I think if you told 13 year old me that I’d be reading political manifestos for fun at 20 years old, she would definitely have laughed! I did enjoy it though!


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This is a really weird book. I read this when it was first translated into English so didn’t know much about it, other than it’s Hitler living in the present day. It was an interesting concept but I don’t know why I picked this up when I have SO many books on my TBR pile.


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I decided to read this book because I heard only incredible reviews. However, I got to about page 100 and it was apparent that I was not enjoying this book (I really hated the writing style) so I’m not sure why I continued reading it. I still didn’t like it after I had finished it, but I hate DNF books, even thought I persevered reading it. Eughhhh.



Have you read any of these books? What books can you not believe you’ve read? Let me know in the comments!

Next week’s Top 10 Tuesday – Books that have been on my TBR the longest!

Marie x

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