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Q&A with Alison Evans!! #IndieAthon

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Hey everyone! As you may know, March has been the month of #IndieAthon where we try and read work from indie/small authors/publishers and show our support for everyone in the book industry. As we edge nearer to the end of the month, I have been lucky enough to host this Q&A with Alison Evans! Alison writes YA, including works such as Ida and We Go Forward. I will leave some links down below if you would like to check out some more information! Now for the Q&A!

Click Here To Read The Q&A!

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Q&A with Daniel Henshaw!

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I had the fantastic opportunity to host a Q&A with Daniel Henshaw, author of The Great Snail Robbery. Thank you so much Daniel for answering my questions! 

You can pick up his debut novel from Amazon (here), check it out on Goodreads (here) or follow Daniel on Twitter (here). 

Now for the Q&A!

Click here to read the Q&A!